Finding light in the darkness

Finding light in the darkness

Posted by David on 21st Oct 2021

I’m going to drop some self-help stuff here that worked for me. If you’re reading this far I appreciate you.

The key word here is “Finding”. It’s an active verb. For me, there was some work/action involved. I’ll put it out there that I’m no medical expert. Please consult your preferred medical provider to properly seek help. However, and I’m oversimplifying a bit, three things helped me get out of darkness I have not experienced in quite some time.

Stop the darkness

Learn to let go

Acknowledge the light

First, stop the darkness. It comes in many forms. Almost all of mine was from things I actively sought out like news, TV and click bait. For the most part I’ve been off Facebook since I discovered early on that it was a source of a lot of anxiety. With one exception, and it was a fairly troubling one, I was fortunate to not have anything that directly affected me. I cut most of it out although I still consider myself informed.

Let it go. As a control freak this one is still a work in process. When done right this is remarkably liberating. In many ways I admire those whose faith in their religion is so strong that it allows them to give themselves up or turn themselves over to a higher power, seemingly unburdened by the weight of darkness. This should not be confused with just not caring about anything. That opens one up to all kinds of different problems.

Acknowledge the light. Good exists and it is always there. Darkness is the absence of light. Perceived, metaphorical or real, darkness is darkness. Whether by one’s own actions or the actions of others one can find themselves shut off from light or good or positive things. It often takes a leap of faith to accept that goodness not only exists but surrounds you. One needs to be open to receive and acknowledge it. No matter how dark it may seem, there is always light. Not everything in one's world is bad or evil.

A candle does not lose anything by lighting another candle.

Light a candle. Gift a candle. Share some light. Peace and love. -David