In Celebration of Resiliency - 10 Years of Different Scents

In Celebration of Resiliency - 10 Years of Different Scents

Posted by David on 1st Oct 2022

Resiliency is the ability for something to return to its original form after experiencing force, pressure or trauma.

Whether physical or emotional, sometimes trauma is immense. Immeasurable. That's when tragic events occur. That's when things are lost. Like hope. Hope can be a powerful motivator just like the absence of hope can be a powerful oppressor. Being up close and personal with a front row view of your own or some one else's wreckage can be painful. What we do when staring deep down into the pit of despair defines us.

Being broken is not always permanent but it is a passive experience. Damage remains damaged unless acted upon. Recovering from damage requires action. It is an active activity. Recovery is also a journey. It is fluid and can move in many directions. But healing takes time. It is not immediate. There is no quick fix and takes work. Effort. Hope. Faith. Many times it requires help regardless of whether it is requested or offered. The last two years changed and challenged many of us. It was difficult in so many different ways but now, instead of the heavy shroud of darkness, there is unburdened lightness and a sense of hope.

It's just in time.

Coming up on ten years, many candles and thousands of dollars donated later, I am fortunate enough to be able to look back on my journey with all of it's joys, triumphs, challenges and experiences. My wife and best friend has been through it with me. This blog, these candles and I might be a grain of sand on the beach or a drop of water in the ocean but I am here. Still here. I appreciate every single customer and every single sale. My candles are awesome and they help people. Painters paint. Sculptors sculpt. I make all of my candles by hand.

I am grateful.

I am thankful.

I am living proof that resiliency is real.

Light a candle. Gift a candle. Spread love. Share the light.

Peace and love.