Why I Make Candles

Posted by David on 19th Oct 2020

Making candles is important to me. Let me explain.

Eight years ago I made my first candles with the sole purpose of raising money to donate to our local Children’s Hospital and Ronald McDonald House. There is a strong relationship between the two. Parents are are able to stay at the House for a nominal nightly fee while their children are being treated at the hospital. I was looking to do more after my wife turned me on to donating pop tabs from aluminum cans to the Ronald McDonald House. They use the funds received from recycling the tabs to help offset some of the operational costs of running the House.

I wasn’t emotionally able to handle my initial choice. I had looked into Now I Lay Me Down To Sleep #nilmdts. They photograph terminally ill infants as a way of capturing their few remaining precious moments. Having kids of my own made this too difficult for me. I am overwhelmed every time I think about the valuable service these photographers provide to families struggling with the imminent loss of their child.

With one emotionally draining exception, for the last eight years I have been able to donate thousands of dollars by making seasonal candles and donating the proceeds to our local Ronald McDonald House. There have also been donations to our local Children’s Hospital along the way. Now, I’m trying to raise funds year-round through the sale of Different Scents candles.

You will notice that I make no apologies about being Black and posting about things that affect people that look like me. I can’t help who I am or how people who don’t know me perceive me based on the color of my skin. All I can do is be me, make my candles, follow my purpose (helping people), make a difference and try to make the world a better place.

All of the first release candles are in small enough to try 3oz jars and will always have free shipping. Larger jars for the seasonal candles have been difficult to find but I am hopeful I will have them when the time comes.

If you’ve made it this far, I am thankful for your interest. There is much to come and there are many discounts to give. 

Don’t be scared to say ‘hi’ or drop me a message.